• 53% of adults search for their collegues or friends names in Google (Source)
  • 77% (!) of employers ‘Google’ applicants names (PDF Source)
  • 70% of employers have actually rejected applicants based on what they find online (Source)
  • Consumers will very often search product names or companies online before doing business with them

Having Problems With RipOffReport or other Complaints sites?

Our online reputation management services are designed specifically to remove negative results about your company from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. As we all know, brands can cost millions to build yet are easily destroyed by bad publicity. The actions of a single anonymous individual set out to ruin your company can be devastating.

We’ve been amazed how some of our clients offer a great product or really provide good value, yet still have trouble with a totally unreasonable customer on complaint sites such as RipOffReport. In some cases, we’ve even seen competitors post fake reports about another company, purely with the aim of destroying their business. It’s important to be aware of such underhanded tactics and be able to implement strategies to counter them.

What Does Reputation Management Involve?

First, we’ll take a look at the offending page about your company, and find out if it’s possible to get it taken off the web by either contacting the owner or contacting relevant authorities. If the page is highly slanderous, in many cases a cease-and-desist order will force the owner to take it down (this has been successful for many reports on complaintsboard, for example).

Assuming we cannot remove the page by force, Reputation SE will set out to push it down the search engine results pages for your company or business name. Our aim is always to push negative results down to the second page, and fill up the first page of results with positive listings about your company; that way any potential customers looking up your business will have a much more favourable impression of your company.

This is done by creating new positive content about your company in the way of press releases, articles, blog posts, and new websites. We heavily optimize these new pages to appear high in Google, and slowly build backlinks to them over time until eventually they rank above any negative results and occupy the first page. We also, of course, build backlinks to any existing positive content that exists about your company. We only stop when all negative results are off the first page of all major search engines for your company.

How long this takes depends on the number of exact results there are in Google, Yahoo and Bing for your business name, the age of most of the listings ranking in the first page of Google, how well each listing is optimized to appear on the first page, and how many backlinks each listing on the first page for your business name has. We go through all of this before we ever start a contract with you, and we tell you how many hours we think we would have to work before you get the results you want. This way you’re under no illusions about what you get for your money.

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