We use the following 4 step process for every project we take on, no matter how big or small. As our staff have many years experience with SEO, the first two stages (analysis and planning) are usually done fairly quickly, and we’ll usually have a very good idea of the amount of work your project takes and the best way to tackle it within a few hours.

1) Analysis Initially, we’ll take a look at the search results for the term you want us to work on. This includes looking at the number of results, competing pages, how well they are optimized, and the age of the top 10 results (among other things). For Online Reputation Management (ORM), where there is one specific result you want removed, we will look at that page in great detail. From this data we’ll determine costs and a time frame for completion of your project.
2) Planning  After doing the necessary analysis, we’ll be able to come up with an approximate time-frame and cost for completing your project. We’ll draw up a ‘plan of attack’ and decide upon the best methods for building a reputation or removing a negative result, depending on the goals of your project. For example, if there are a low number of competing pages for your term and they are not well optimized, we’ll often create a large amount of pages and build some quick backlinks to ASAP; but if most of the competing results are old and well optimized, then we’ll go for a more long term approach, slowly building backlinks and optimizing our websites to overtake it. We’ll determine what types of link building (such as blog commenting, directory submission etc) will be most effective in your particular case.
3) Implementation
After analysis and planning it’s time to begin your project and put in the work. As we work on your project, we’ll send you progress reports that contain information about the websites, pages and links we have created, as well as the difference in search engine results.
4) Evaluation
We’ll consistently monitor search engine results and the placing of the page or website that you want removed.

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