Remove Ripoff Report on Google Search

Remove Ripoff Report on Google Search

RIPOFF REPORT | Privacy Infringement. Special greetings.

Remove Ripoff Report
Remove Ripoff Report

This is the fourth letter sent to ORM firm such as yours that I’ve created regarding these matters,
but I still didn’t receive any proper answer in order to help me on
stopping this criminal and scammer person, who’s
creating these false reports against myself.

Recently, This link was published on the Google searches, damaging my
good reputation and good name into the industry:
It was published for this scammer person without any reason or true
facts. I have reported this harassment with the Google support, but it
doesn’t go away from the home page. Once someone type my name in Google, this link of Ripoff Report appear on the
first page of the searchers.

How to Remove Ripoff Report on Google Search

I’d like to remove this link where appear my name. I didn’t ask update
any of personal stuff in public. It’s clearly an attack to my privacy
and my legal rights.
I month ago, it was published on the page number 8 on Google! Now, you
can find this on the front page. I’ve created my Instagram account,
Behance, my own fan page on Facebook with all my publications.
LinkedIn site! even my own website but nothing seems work out! in
order to take down this link.

Could you help me to push down this only one link? I don’t need remove
it! I just need push it down 1 or 2 pages. The poster and the
complaints on Ripoff Report are fake. Why can’t I remove the
RipoffReport from my name search results even when it’s not true?
I’m incensed.
How does Online reputation management help me restore my good online
reputation by using other sites? and why I’ve to pay a fee for it???
it might be considered a form of extortion. In fact, offering to
remove Ripoff report for a fee could be seen as a form of bribery, and
mostly when I’m clean, all the people into the industry know that all
those accusations are completely fake without sense.

I’ve student visa, I’m Visual Artist, 28 years old, outsider. Then, I
don’t have financing and I’ve to pay for bury some accusations that
someone else have filled out incorrectly about me on google?
ACCUSATIONS ARE TRUE FACTS. It’s about incredible fake statements
against my good name, my career and my integrity.
Again, I’d like to remove this link where appear my name. This is an
clear infringement against my privacy and my human rights! None,
person, group associated or company, have the rights under any
circumstances of do defamation or divulgation my personal name and
image on an public channel as YouTube, Google or Blogspot.
For this reason, I’m requesting kindly, please help me to suppress or
push down this link immediately.


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