Corporate Online Reputation Management

I need Corporate Online Reputation Management to clean up 2 names my name and company name

Corporate Online Reputation Management

First i Want a fake review removed from my company reviews. I am a childcare provider and on one of my reviews I was accused of inappropriately touching kids along with other lies. I have never had a problem with anyone and this person also claims they have a lawsuit against me Which is also fake. I believe it was a disgruntle employee

Personal Online Reputation Management

I have been haunted by one entry upon Google searching my name. This report does not appear on any other search engines. It concerns a criminal drug charge reported by a local newspaper. The charges were dropped and case was expunged. The article now appears on redorbit and ranks high on the search but many other positive accomplishments are pushed down. As a physician, I feel this has critically hindered my business. Can you please help.




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